25 Ultimate Eye-Catching Packaging Designs Guaranteed To Attract Customers


25 Ultimate Eye-Catching Packaging Designs Guaranteed To Attract Customers

Shopping is an ubiquitous activity. Right from the basic vegetables, fruits, and other groceries, to many other essentials, shopping is an activity we all indulge in on a regular basis.

While shopping is majorly done out of necessity, a lot of times we all indulge in impulse buys. How many of us have bought something out of impulse because we were attracted to a fancy looking bottle or packet? This is how packaging is used to market products.

The outside of a product is what a customer sees while walking the shopping aisles. And, packaging done creatively makes your product stand out from tons of other similar products, drawing the customer and making them feel a certain way.

Here is a look at 25 creative and flexible packaging designs done right, that is not only fun but would also pull a customer into buying that particular brand.

1. Fun Tissue Boxes

Source: Webneel.com, marketingup.com

Be weird, not in a way that customers squirm, but where it elicits a humorous reaction. Like this packaging, where to wipe your nose, you pull the tissue from a nose. How about these Kleenex tissue boxes? We can’t get over how pretty and functional the packaging is.

2. Washing Powder or Washing Machine?

Source: Webneel.com

3. Carry Bags With A Message

Source: Webneel.com, geckoandfly.com

If you are going to use a carry bag, might as well do it right!

4. Coffin Shaped Cigarette Box

Source: toxel.com

This packaging uses the shock element, and sends out a morbid, yet apt message.

5. Salt and Pepper Shakers


Source: webneel.com

Add a little spice to your life with these adorable and useful salt and pepper shakers. Pass the salt, please!

6. Tea Time Done Right!

Source: webneel.com

The Brits and tea, the packaging couldn’t have gotten any better! Who would have thought tea time could be this fun.

7. Luscious Pasta

source: packagingoftheworld.com

This kind of packaging would definitely make it pop out among other spaghetti packets. Now that’s a creative packaging!

8. A Whiff Of Nature

Source: graphicloads.com

Adorn your dresser with these endearing and flawless perfumes. The designs are ingenious and easy on the eyes. The clever use of glass and plastic makes the feel of the product original. A little spritz and you are good to go!

9. Butter Me Up

Source: paulcarl.com

Packaging done with practicality in mind, small, neat, and handy.

10. Spectacular Spaghetti


Source: packagingoftheworld.com

11. Chew it Up!

Source: packagingoftheworld.com

Sparkling teeth peeping through the die cut lips packaging. What a clever design to sell chewing gum.

12. Wine Bottle

Source: vinepair.com

Pour yourself some delicious wine from this one of a kind wine bottle. A real collector’s item!

13. Healthy Yummy Buns

Source: desiznworld.com

Not sure if these buns will give you six pack abs, but the package is definitely eyecatchingly scrumptious.

14. Bobby Pins


Source: desiznworld.com

If this doesn’t catch a customer’s eye, we don’t know what will.

15. Pretty In Pastels Cupcakes

Source: desiznworld.com

The cute factor of the packaging goes in tandem with the product, and takes its visual appeal notches higher. These cupcake boxes are super pretty and the beautiful pastel colours add an extra touch of pizazz!

16. Waterproof Watches


Now that’s an impressive way to demonstrate that your product is one of a kind and genuine.

17. Dog Snacks

Source: trendhunter.com

Apart from the endearing images of dogs, the packaging is smart, eco-friendly and safer compared to the usual plastic bags.

18. Knitting Kit

Source: trendland.com

The source of the wool yarn, sheep, is used to package, and thereby, promote the product. The knitting needles have tip covers that are held on by the sheep head.

19. Fruit and Vegetable Puree Package

Source: trendhunter.com

If you are craving some fruit puree all of a sudden, we don’t blame you.

20. Fancy Water Bottle

Source: packagingdesignarchive.org

Atop the northern French Alps in the Mont Blanc region, Evian natural spring water originates. This packaging aptly describes the source of its origination, which furthers its pristine qualities in the consumers’ minds.

21. Fruit Juice Packs

Source: digitalsynopsis.com

The resemblance to the actual fruit makes customers feel they are drinking straight out of the fruit, which makes it seem healthier.

22. Paint Brushes

Source: digitalsynopsis.com

A tongue-in-cheek humour at its best with this unique packaging.

23. A Bottle To Peel!

Source: thedieline.com

A little playful tease before indulging your senses, this packaging truly brings out the essence of these flavoured concoction.

24. Convenient Pasta Packaging

Source: fromupnorth.com

Hate eating leftover pasta? Well, no more foil-wrapped leftovers, thanks to this ingenious packaging! Pasta for one please!

25. Innovative Shoebox

Source: buzzfeed.com

The presentation of the shoe is spot on and extremely effective. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sustainable packaging.

Packaging forms a crucial part of the marketing element for any brand. You are competing with many other similar products in the market. So, while your product is placed in an aisle with the competing brands, unique and flexible packaging is what will give you the edge, and make customers snap it up from the aisles. This will also imprint a long lasting impression on the customers, which would make them come back to your brand again and again.