7 Factors That Influence Your Product’s Packaging


7 Factors That Influence Your Product’s Packaging

What persuades you to buy a product? Some of the influencing factors can be the interesting advertising message, the brand’s reputation and the client/customer testimonials. But interestingly, a study published that the colour of the product’s package accounts for around 85% of purchases for a particular product. Would you buy an organic food item packaged in black or red? Perhaps not.

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Colours definitely play a very important role in the purchase decisions made by consumers, but there are also other equally essential factors that contribute to successful packaging.

Following are the factors that influence a product’s packaging:

  • Protection: Packaging of the product is done to protect it from damage during shipping and handling, and to lessen the decaying in case the product is exposed to foul air or other harmful factors by accident.
  • Design & Structure:Good packaging design and proper structure can add value to a product. For instance, the benefits can be obtained from the structure of a package that enhances the function of the product while the design give the product an appealing look.
  • Appearance: Package design should be attractive enough to capture customers’ attention as they are shopping or just glancing through a catalogue or your website. This is particularly important for customers who are not very familiar with the product. Designs that are unique and stand out are more likely to stay in the mind of a shopper.
  • Acceptance: Package designs are not just to attract the end user, they also have to be accepted and liked by distributors who are going to sell the product. For instance, a retailer may not be interested in your package if it does not conform to the requirements they have, for storing the products and displaying them on the shelves.
  • Cost: Packaging of a particular product can be a significant portion of its selling price. In the cosmetics industry, it is estimated that the packaging cost of some products may be as high as 40% of its product’s selling price. Make smart packaging decisions in order to reduce the product’s selling price and possibly lead to higher profits due to increase in sales.
  • Re-designing: Developing an entirely new package for your product can be expensive. But it is also important to be part of the trend, since your product should appeal to your consumers. If you feel that your product packaging requires an update, then consider re-designing the package.
  • Environmental & Legal Issues: While deciding on the package structure and design, you should also include assessment of its environmental impact especially for product packages that are frequently discarded. Ensure that you create packages that do not infringe on intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights or patents, held by others companies. These are some of the key factors that influence a product’s package design and branding. With constant innovation in design and printing, packaging has become a key influencer in the market and helps attract the right attention amongst a hoard of other products.