Quality Assurance and Control

Our quality assurance lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments as below:

  • OCTAGON: To check the off line thickness of the film. It takes 180 reading along the width
  • UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE: to check the mechanical properties of the film that is tensile strength, elongation, seal strength, bond strength as well as COF (Co of edification)
  • OPACITY TESTER: To check the opacity of the film.
  • GLOSS METER: To check the surface gloss of the film.
  • MFI (MELT FLOW INDEX): To check the melt flow of basic raw material for easy possibility
  • DENSITY GRADIENT COLUMN: To check the density of the raw material.
  • DART IMPACT TESTER: To check the dart of the plastic film. It is directly related to bursting strength of the filled
  • BARCODE ANALYSER: To verify the printed barcode on film.
  • DSC (DIFFERENCE SCANNING COLORIMETER): To check the combination and composition plastic film
  • CORE COLLAPSING STRENGTH TESTER: To check the strength of paper core

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team is committed to the mission of manufacturing products which would fully meet the needs & expectations of its customers. The QA team ensures implementation of quality directives and the raw material, working progress and the finished product stages.