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Smart Pouches is a veteran company in field of creative flexible packaging. We passionately create and market new packaging solutions for our customer’s brands to deliver value globally.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Our comprehensive skills and knowledge of flexible packaging and consistently being abreast of latest trends and technical developments, enables us to serve our customers with the best packing innovations, thus saving time and money with reduced wastage of raw materials.

Customized Solutions

Our in-house packaging specialists will be happy to talk through your requirements and create on the best packaging solutions, which fulfil your needs and highlight your brand in the best light.

Quality you can trust

Our Quality Assurance Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. It helps in ensuring that the raw material, ink, as well as finished packaging films and pouches are of the best quality. Please view our Quality Assurance and Control for further information.

Unbeatable Lead Time

Our combined development and customization ability blended with top manufacturing capacity (300 MT per month); will help you to market your products in record time-without sacrificing on quality and performance.

Excellent Customer Services

Our highly skilled and dedicated professionals will be exclusively assigned to you for the development of your custom packaging projects. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our team of engineers and designers are experts in their own right who deliver change to build value for our customers.

Our packaging solutions and pouches are based on superior technology, impeccable innovation and ripe imagination. We never compromise on the overall efficiency to reduce on production and price. Our deliverables are always produced with the highest standard and designed to exceed expectations of our clients, every day!

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