Heat Sealers

Impulse Sealers, Automatic Sealer and Vacuum Sealers

Heat sealers or Pouch Sealers are devices which seal plastic packaging like pouches, bags etc. with the application of heat. There are three basic types of heat sealers which are applicable in pouch packaging applications.

Impulse pouch sealer

Use of short burst of electricity through resistance wire to bring a pouch to their melt point and weld the two sides of the pouch together.

Automatic or continuous pouch sealer

Large and expensive sealers owing to bigger size and higher volume capacity, which use moving belts to run a continuous production line.

Vacuum pouch sealer

Used for various specialty packaging purposes made by drawing air out of the pouch before automatic sealing.

Smart Pouches UK offers a varied range of heat sealers including Hand Held Heat Sealer, Table Top Impulse Sealer, Automatic Motion Impulse Sealer, Pedestal Type Impulse Sealer, Direct Heat Sealer and Vacuum Heat Sealer.
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