9 Ways Our Stand Up Pouches and Flexible Packaging Solutions Will Make Your Brand Stand Out


9 Ways Our Stand Up Pouches and Flexible Packaging Solutions Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

In our previous blog post, we explained ‘what is stand up pouches’ and the types of stand up pouches including custom printed pouches, zipper pouches, and more.


While reading our previous blog, we reached a conclusion exclaiming why one should opt for stand up pouches? What are the actually real benefits and advantages of these pouches? How it can be beneficial to your industry? And certainly the most important question – how our stand up pouches differ and how they can really be beneficial for your business?

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Benefits of Flexible Packaging as Stand Up Pouches and Flat Pouches

9 ways stand up pouches &flexible packaging will make your brand stand out

Benefits of flexible packaging as stand up pouches and flat pouches.

We have been through a lot of good words about benefits of stand up pouches; this is why we decided to create a fusion i.e. the benefits (explained in depth) of stand up pouches and flat pouches as flexible packaging compared to rigid packaging and also the benefits of the stand up pouches we deliver at Smart Pouches

  1. Increased Product Freshness and Life

The material (i.e. laminated films and other) used in manufacturing flexible packaging these days are FDA approved or European Standard. This ensures that the material used in production of stand up pouches is safe and help the product to retain its freshness as well as life span.

In comparison to rigid packaging, flexible packaging has the tendency to protect the product from harmful UV sun rays. However, this doesn’t mean flexible packaging outperforms rigid packaging, it simply means rigid packaging has its own benefits and suits best on certain products and industries.

To know in detail about process and guidelines put forward by FDA and Plastic Industry on plastic material as well as flexible packaging-


Flexible food packaging: Navigating FDA Compliance –

  1. Cost Effective

Flexible packaging is cost effective and economical for all industries.


  • Low transport costs
  • Low damage in transit probabilities
  • Lesser material consumed in order to produce stand up pouches as compared to rigid packaging
  • Light in weight
  • Quick turnover
  • Customizable according to quantity and requirement of product
  • Re-usable
  • Widely preferred and accepted by consumers

All the above benefits along with certain more make flexible packaging- the most cost effective and affordable packaging solution these days.

  1. Customizable According to Need and Requirement

So your product is too small in quantity or size; or it is rigid enough to fit into a given size of packaging? Be it solid, liquid, or wax, stand up pouches suits all the shapes and forms of product.

The best part of opting flexible packaging is that, it can be manufactured, structured, and customized according to your product’s size, form, quality, and quantity.

You can also create your own custom printed pouches by providing your design and logos. It’s simply trouble free!

  1. Eco Friendly

Flexible packaging solutions such as stand up pouches and stand up bags are eco-friendly and less harmful for environment as well as for human health.


  • Consumes less heat and material to produce as compared to other packaging solutions; resulting in lesser green-house gas such as carbon emissions and BTU consumption.

(BTU refers to British thermal unit. It is unit of work and is equal to 1055 joules. In simple words, it the sum of effort required to raise the temperature of 0.45 litres water by one degree Fahrenheit (1 degree Fahrenheit= -17.2222 Celsius)

  • Wastage left after production is lesser (by almost 50%) as compared to other packaging solutions.
  • Re-usable carrying features such as zip lock, spout, re-sealable seal, and more.
  • Good quality plastic and other material used to protect product from UV rays and oxidation.
  • Lighter weight that may help in lesser burden on transport medium; resulting in lesser fuel burned during transit.
  1. Attractive

Over the years, things have changed completely. Consumer is smarter than before. He/She is no more interested in quality over quantity and vice-a-versa.

So what does a consumer need these days?

A simple answer to this is: a consumer needs Quality-Quantity-Affordability-and Attractiveness (QQAA). The way a consumer buys goods these days has completely shifted from mere buying to smart purchasing decision.

It is the psychology of a customer that attracts him/her towards buying attractive things rather than buying mere quality driven or mere cost effective items. Carrying this, “to survive in the global market; you need a global mind-set”.

This is why flexible packaging industry has come up with tons of creative ideas and graphics. There are numerous news techniques for printing and graphics available, that turns a simple looking pouch or bag into a completely dynamic and amazingly attractive one.

Some of the most popular techniques out there for printing include “Rotogravure and Flexographic Printing”. (Read to know more: https://www.smartpouches.com/printing/)

  1. ReducedShipping Expense

Caps, labels, HDPE bottles, containers, and more, weigh higher than flexible packaging. According to certain calculations put forward by us, we found flexible packaging weigh almost half i.e. 50 % lesser than traditional rigid packaging.

Also, the loss and damage in transit in rigid packaging is higher as compared to flexible packaging. All these traits along with some other are the reason of lesser shipping expenses on flexible packaging.

  1. Quality Driven

This one is dedicated to the flexible packaging solutions we deliver. We use industry’s best rollstock and specialty films (https://www.smartpouches.com/accessories/roll-stock-films/), rotogravure and flexographic printing (https://www.smartpouches.com/printing/), and superior quality subsidiary material as well as tools to manufacture high quality stand-up pouches at the most affordable rates.

  1. Add-On Features

We at Smart Pouches offer complete flexible packaging solution. Carrying this, we have come up with Add-ons.

What are add-ons? How it can be beneficial for you?

Add-ons are the additional features you can get assembled to your flexible packaging i.e. stand up pouches or other.

For example, if you wish to have a zip on the pouches you have selected, you can easily get this done by opting for add-on solutions.

Visit this page to know more- https://www.smartpouches.com/features-and-options-add-ons-extras/

  1. Auxiliary Tools (Heat Sealers, Filling Machines, and More)

Last but not the least, the amazing benefits of buying stand up pouches here from us is that we also provide the auxiliary tools/accessories such as filling machines, heat sealers, and more.

These accessories are an important part when it comes to filling stuffs in pouches or bags. So, to make it easier and hassle free for you, we became the ONE STOP FLEXIBLE PACKAGING SOLUTION PROVIDERS in the UK by offering complete packaging solutions and services.