Adaptable and Attractive Flat Bottom Bags


Adaptable and Attractive Flat Bottom Bags

If you are looking forward to buying flat bottom bags for your product or brand, you have landed at a perfect place; and we are positive enough carrying our product and service to finalize the deal with you.


Everything you need to know about flat bottom bags:

Starting from the basics, flat bottom bags have flat bottom that makes it stand upright on shelves or wherever one places it. This is one of the most resourceful qualities flat bottom stand up bags possess. They are also termed as Quad Seal Bags, Flat Base Bags, and more.

These bags have gusset (a triangular insert/bracket for added strength or expansion) on the right and left side, as well as at the bottom too! These gussets on flat bottom bags makes them look attractive as well as supports the design and structure of the bag to make it stand upright; and to better fit into packaging requirements of versatile industries.

Why Choose Us?

Nothing but the product specifications inside compels a customer to buy the product, but what if the product packaging fails to attract customers? With healthy competition prevalent, the only way to outperform competitors is ‘QUALITY DRIVEN PRODUCT and ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING’.

The only answers we have for the question why choose us when there are plenty more providing the same is- “we are simple, sensible, yet different.”

We at Smart Pouches understand what it needs to outperform competitors. Carrying this, we manufacture, supply, and bank quality driven flexible packaging solutions (such as flat bottom bags, spout bags, etc.) using utmost reliable materials.

How we are different?

As we exclaimed, we understand client requirements and needs. Consequently, we at Smart Pouches have come up with flexible options and amazing ideas for you. Read below the specs that makes us different:

  • Add-Ons: Add-ons are special features one can apply on stand up bags. For example, one such feature is Re-closable Zipper. If you wish to contribute to a ‘Cleaner and Greener Earth’, you can get a re-closable zipper affixed on your bags so as to make the bag re-usable by consumers.
  • Customization: We have two options for all our clients.
    1) In Stock/Ready Bags
    2) On Custom Printed Bags
    If you wish to customize i.e. make changes in colour, size, print, or features of the stand-up bags you need or you have selected, we can do it for you fluidly.
    On the other hand, we have banked an amazing collection of stand-up bags ready to be shipped!
  • Rotogravure Printing: Attraction is directly related to something beautiful, something attractive. To attract your customers, we use Rotogravure and Flexographic printing.
    Rotogravure printing has changed the way stand-up bags look. It is attractive, quick, and budget friendly too!
  • Auxiliary Tools/Accessories: We did not wish to make our clients wander in search of auxiliary accessories required to fill the stuffs in pouches/bags.
    So, we decided to transform ourselves into a One Stop Shop Solution for All your Packaging Needs, by providing accessories such as heat sealers, filling machines, and more under one roof, here at Smart Pouches.
  • Free Sample: We are in no hurry to ship the whole consignment. Therefore, we allow our clients to experience our product, service, and material personally by asking for a free sample.

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