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HP Indigo 30000 Digital Printing For The Flexible Packaging Industry

The flexible packaging industry has been modernized, as the converters have identified HP Indigo digital printing technology as one of the viable solutions to add value through brand differentiation, cost reduction, faster time to market and maintain the environmental sustainability,...
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Packaging Solution

An Efficient, Competitive Packaging Solution: To Help You Grow Business, Increase Sales, Reduce Costs And Manage Risk

Packaging Solution has been one of the most considerable tools in selling the products for more half of the century. In fact, you might have even purchased a specific product based on packaging alone. Numbers of studies have demonstrated that the...
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World Market for Stand up pouches

Flexible Plastic Pouches Sales Predicted To Top $10 Billion

The flexible plastic pouches market is set to hit the magic number of $10 billion by 2020. This is an expected CAGR of 5.11% from the time period of 2016 to 2021 with retort pouches segment, which is most expected to...
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Smart packaging

Let’s Get Started With Smart Packaging

The majority of the people consider product packaging only as the material that has to rip away from an item to get the actual stuff. It could be anything like thermoforming plastic containers that protects your strawberries or cupboard box...
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Flexible Packaging

What Makes Flexible Packaging A Favourable Choice Between Consumers And Brand Owners

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” And I think it’s firmly an oxymoron. Before penning this article, my father told me that how the packagings were completely different in the eighties...
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Modern Packaging For A Variety Of Commodities Is The Expertise Of Smart Pouches

Packaging is an art, as it involves a huge array of types of information and design elements, which most people have never heard of. This is the reason, packaging solely serves as an identification of the product andin terms of...
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Packaging designs, Creative packaging designs, Packaging ideas, Attractive packaging, Packaging design trends, Best packaging design

25 Ultimate Eye-Catching Packaging Designs Guaranteed To Attract Customers

Shopping is an ubiquitous activity. Right from the basic vegetables, fruits, and other groceries, to many other essentials, shopping is an activity we all indulge in on a regular basis. While shopping is majorly done out of necessity, a lot...
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7 Factors That Influence Your Product’s Packaging

7 Factors That Influence Your Product’s Packaging

What persuades you to buy a product? Some of the influencing factors can be the interesting advertising message, the brand’s reputation and the client/customer testimonials. But interestingly, a study published that the colour of the product’s package accounts for around...
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Flat bottom bags, Quad seal bags, Flat bottom stand up bags, Flat base bags

Adaptable and Attractive Flat Bottom Bags

If you are looking forward to buying flat bottom bags for your product or brand, you have landed at a perfect place; and we are positive enough carrying our product and service to finalize the deal with you. Everything you...
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Types of Stand Up Pouches and Flat Pouches

9 Ways Our Stand Up Pouches and Flexible Packaging Solutions Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

In our previous blog post, we explained ‘what is stand up pouches’ and the types of stand up pouches including custom printed pouches, zipper pouches, and more. Conclusion: While reading our previous blog, we reached a conclusion exclaiming why one...
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What are stand up pouches?

Let us be more clear and evaluate about stand up pouches; since this is our first shot towards building awareness, sharing news, expressing thoughts, ‘inside company’ news, and more about the whole new era of flexible packaging solutions. To this,...
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Luxury Packaging Innovations London 2015

Packaging Innovations London 2015 and Luxury Packaging 2015 is opening its doors on 16 and 17 September at Olympia showcasing the latest developments across the packaging world, which is regarded as one of the industry’s most important meeting points in Europe

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