What Makes Flexible Packaging A Favourable Choice Between Consumers And Brand Owners


What Makes Flexible Packaging A Favourable Choice Between Consumers And Brand Owners

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” And I think it’s firmly an oxymoron. Before penning this article, my father told me that how the packagings were completely different in the eighties and how the unit packs and sachets created ripples in the market.It is so because, people suddenly started using and buying unit packs and sachets as they find it a convenient and an affordable alternative option.

Flexible Packaging

The brands that were only heard through radio advertisements and partially viewed through during TV ad-breaks gradually become a part of the daily household. The FMCG- Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector was quick enough to turn around people and adopt these new changes. And how it kick-started the story changed everything and it still continues.

So this is how unit packs and sachet packagings make way for the flexible packaging industry. And more and more brands started aimingto create small portions of packaging to avoid the spoilage before the expiry date. Steadily, with an initiation of resourceful communication channels along with the liberalization of the economy, more and more brands agreed to go through this route.

Then comes a time when brands started recognizing the favorable possibilities that lay ahead in the era of flexible packaging. The majority of the brands started offering the consumers more variety in terms of volume as well as size. Eloquent and clear branding coupled with a realistic spread of stock keeping units was considerably more satisfactory at this point of time.

The middle-class families rapidly embraced these packages and such packed products, as their needs and requirements were being carefully looked by brand custodians with the high precision along with accurate details. Then it comes with an actual time of thorough Research and Development (R&D) by brands and the flexible packaging manufacturers to find customized solutions and carefully weighed for pros-and-cons of the product in terms of the physical strength, performance at various temperatures, visual characteristics, resistance to chemicals and barrier properties to find out the various types of products.

Flexible Packaging – Gave products a longer life than usual

There was a time when early forms of potato wafers packaging were entitled with less wrappers of polyethylene; however, with an advancement of packaging technology chips are packedwith at least four layered structure comprising BOPP, MET PET, Extrusion POLY, and POLY which enormously improves the shelf life.More latest functionalities were added to this like re-closable/sliders/re-sealable zippers to keep the product safe for further deferred usage.

Flour, fertilizers and pet foods were used to pack in multi walled paper sacks or woven sacks, which were most of the time damaged and ruptured during the handling and transportation. However, now these products come in large printed laminated flexible packaging with excellent barrier properties having a complete control over air egress and moisture ingress.

Mouth fresheners were once packed only in a plastic or metal cans also become available in a variety of sizes or even as portion packaging. The bigger amount of packs becomes available as re-closable packages with a laser cut for easy opening, functional ease and convenience to customers.

Where as for the three side gusseted standup pouches to serve as real trailblazers on the retail shelf were not at all favourably because of its upright appearance as there were no opportunities to get noticed by the consumers. The printable area of the pouch has increases and improved the substantively offering more branding possibilities to the marketers.

At the end, flexible packs become a real head tuner that may usually come in a shape of canon or a shirt or a bottle for that matter. Further being high on functionality their esthetics are incomparable.Chain packs, usually found hanging from the hinges of retail shelf integrally become a continued visibility at point of sale besides offering all the convenience of unit pouches to the consumers.

Nowadays shampoo sachets, tea bags and mouth fresheners are constantly wooing the customers. Portion flexible packs grow their lineage from chain packs are working favourable for antacids, detergents, and medicines, ensuring that on the required portion is dispensed at a time.

Evolution Of Packaging

In the present era, the intelligent packaging is being considered as an extension of the branding as it has much better interfacing with the marketers as well as consumers as it shares a real-time information about supply chain coordinate, freshness, shelf life, quality and various other considerable aspects.Driven by the rapid advancements in TTI time-temperature indicators intelligent packaging as it is anticipated to witnessing a strong growth in the coming times.

Flexible packaging is a contemporary phenomenon and it is all about light weighting and space and energy conservation when compared to the rigid counterparts. Even the research proves that flexible packaging does not require a huge amount of energy, transportation, manufacturing, and disposal. It is evolving with each passing day. Brands love it, so does the customers. So the legacy of this genre of packaging has built over the years will continue to spell the convenience as well as value for money riding on the newest wave of technology and innovation.


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