Let’s Get Started With Smart Packaging


Let’s Get Started With Smart Packaging

The majority of the people consider product packaging only as the material that has to rip away from an item to get the actual stuff. It could be anything like thermoforming plastic containers that protects your strawberries or cupboard box that holds your child’s Barbie doll.

This is the reason; I am writing this blog to make you familiar with the various types of packaging options with its full depth and breadth. Smart packaging – along with the packaging and beyond containing the product, this packaging serves a number of favorable benefits to various industries like pharma, food, FMCG and security. The low cost printed sensor integration into packaging opens up a wide range of market opportunities to make products with value added benefits for manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

There would be a future where your food products will send you a reminder that you need to visit the supermarket to get your grocery and medication containers will tell you that it’s time to take your next dose.

Smart packaging will let the Drs. monitor their critical patients and intake of medication and usage of medical devices. Moreover, businesses will be also able to track their stocking needs for the specific units and measure the ROI in real time. Furthermore, smart packaging allows businesses to process, track and gather this data in a non-intrusive way.

Brands can easily leverage the benefits of smart packaging as these packages look superior to their competitors and smart packaging makes the product look to stand apart from the crowd and it will easily catch the customer’s attention. And your customers will learn to recognize your products and that will lead to more recommendations and greater brand loyalty.

Let me get you through packaging influences that how advancements in this space will change consumer behavior and how they will interact with the products they love.

What Is Smart Packaging?

To identify the potential of this area of commerce, businesses and researchers use several different terms.

1. Smart packaging: Modern packaging that serves a purpose other than protection and containment.

2. Active packaging: Packaging that actively boosts the product and its potential usage.

3. Intelligent packaging: A packaging system that gathers or transmits the data about the product.

Each of the above terms fundamentally defines a packaging solution that goes over mere egg shell cartons. It easily solves a problem and prevents a negative outcome in an innovative way.

For example, active packaging might help the product to deal with moisture control to preserve its integrity and it also helps to extend its shelf life. In terms of monitoring the product’s temperature and with its dispensation as a liquid or gas it is very much favourable.

Whereas intelligent packaging incorporates sensors that amass and transmit information about the product. Even after a theft, such packaging enhances the security and provides measures against anti-counterfeiting. As per the perspective of customers, it better understands the product and interact in a safer way.

Fundamentally, smart packaging has been specially designed to improve the aspect of the relations between supply chain, manufacturer, retailer and consumer. The better you know about the products you use and consume, the better value you can extract from them.

Intelligent packaging

Intelligent Packaging Incorporates Sensors

Which Industries Will Benefit Most?

Smart Packaging has a potential application across various industries as well as sectors, food and beverage along with the pharmaceutical industries are presently poised to leverage the advantages most. It is within these industries that brands and consumers face the most dangers from inappropriate goods, improper use and expired products.

There are also some industries where businesses lose a considerable amount of money because of their spoiled and expired products, which is indeed required to dispose of. If a business can track a product throughout the supply chain, all the way through the customer’s home, then it becomes easier to anticipate inventory needs and it is possible to avoid the wasteful manufacturing processes.

If we consider the food and beverage industry, customers in the US and beyond have become more discerning about the products they will buy. Bigger businesses have no longer dominated the market; nowadays smaller businesses have significantly created a far more competitive landscape. Whether it’s a small business or its biggest one, all the businesses are looking for ways to stand a part their self from the competition.


In a very nearer time period, smart packaging will add a real value to the packaging industry. The key is to ensure that the technology is robust enough in terms of speed, volume and price to facilitate the mass market acceptance. This is the reason, we Smart Pouches is here to help the various brands in smart packaging to reduce the costs and risks associated with the product development.

If you would like to know more about our expertise or services or want to hire our services to create customized flexible packagings for your specific requirements, then simply contact us at +44 20 7101 9408 or for more information you can also send us an email sales@smartpouches.com and we will get back to you within 12 hours.