How Our Gusseted Coffee Bags and Block Bottom Pouches May Boost Your Sales for Coffee and Tea?


How Our Gusseted Coffee Bags and Block Bottom Pouches May Boost Your Sales for Coffee and Tea?

Before moving forward towards explaining you about our unique selling proposition for Gusseted coffee bags and Block bottom pouches, we would like you to feel motivated and energetic. The upcoming facts may boost your motivation:

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Gusseted coffee bags and Block bottom pouches

  • An year over year growth of 13 present is expected in the UK speciality coffee segment; outperforming previous growth stats and the US market. (Source: Allegra World Coffee Portal)
  • The total sales for a single coffee brand, Starbucks, amounted to about 3.16 billion U.S. dollars for the year 2015. (Source: Statista)
  • Sales of coffee by independent coffee shops in the U.S. amounted around 12 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2015. (Source: e-importz)
  • 150 million daily drinkers i.e. 50% of adults in the U.S. prefer coffee every day including species such as mocha, latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc. (Source: e-importz)

There’s lot more to add to the above list, however, we are swirling our thoughts around taking our steps forward and finding some way to contribute to the day by day increasing coffee of sales; not by manufacturing and selling coffee or coffee beans, but by manufacturing and supplying attractive, interactive, resourceful, and customized gusseted coffee bags and block bottom pouches specially for coffee & tea.

Looking forward to be a part of the increasing coffee sales across the world? Wish to increase your tea & coffee sales? Here’s our unique selling proposition for Coffee Bags and Packaging solution that may help you boost sales over the counter:


More than selling stuffs, business is about providing with quality driven products and services that will directly result in consumer retention for a longer period of time, and one may say, for life time.

When it comes to beverages and confectionary, consumers opt for products based on the FRESHNESS AND QUALITY of the product, neither price nor packaging; simply the quality and freshness. And the same law applies to coffee beverage. Thus, by far the most influencing factor affecting sales of tea & coffee in the retail stores is ‘freshness and hygiene’.

How Our Coffee Bags May Help You in Retaining the Freshness of Coffee for a Longer Period of Time?

Our pouches and bags are made with FDA approved materials and according to guidelines stated by packaging authorities.

Carrying this, we take care of all the technical aspects and deliver quality driven packaging solutions. Also, we offer a free sample made and customized according to your requirement. You can test the free sample and let us know your thoughts about it.


Consumers are more conscious and roused these days. They understand the value of recycle-reuse-reduce. Also, with campaigns such as global warming and climate change spreading prevalently, the demand of consumers may head towards environment friendly products.
Carrying this, end consumers need something resourceful that can be reused or reduced without causing harm to environment. Other than this, retail consumers demand for packaging that is easy to use, suits the requirement, resilient, and adaptable to weather.

How Our Gusseted Coffee Bags and Block Bottom Pouches Serve all the Above Stated Requirements by Retail Consumers?

Side Gusseted Bags, Gusseted bags, gusseted pouches

Side Gusseted Bags

We offer ADD-ONS and Features that you may opt and get it customized onto the type of pouch you need. These features include: Re-closable Zipper, Valves, Tear Notches, and the list goes on. Excited to know more about this? Jump in-

Other than this, flexible packaging delivered by us is environment friendly and re-usable too! Read more-


Attractiveness is all about branding. It is not about how good your product stuffed in the pouches looks, it is all about how people interact and recite your brand. It is not by affixing attractive images one may generate active sales, but how one conveys its message in the form of images and interacts directly with the consumer.

When you are able to convey your message using art and craft, your product and brand excel fluently.

How Can We Help You In Conveying Your Message Via Images and Printing?

Flat bottom bags, Quad seal bags, Flat bottom stand up bags, Flat base bags

Adaptable and attractive flat Bottom Bags, Quad seal bags, flat bottom stand up bags or flat base bags.

Do you have appealing brand logo and designs? Need it print on your pouches?

We use the most trending, robust, and highly in demand Rotogravure and Flexographic Printing. Read more about our printing technique and how your product packaging may appear after opting this amazing printing method-


We ain’t super humans, and we ain’t magicians. We simply are the leading stand up pouches manufacturers and suppliers based in UK, all set to provide you with the best packaging solution for your tea & coffee product. From custom printed stand-up pouches up to bottom gusset pouches, zipper pouches, and retort pouches, we have all sort of flexible packaging solution that may boost your sales and help you build a successful brand.

Grab a FREE Sample Today! For queries: UK 0044 207 101 9408, US and Canada 001 704 412 3115 and Australia 0061 2 6145 2136. You can also send us an email