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There are currently 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
(a) noun - A product made by bonding together two or more layers of material. (b) verb - To unite layers of material to produce a multilayer material.

Laminated Film
An adhered combination of two or more films or sheets made to improve overall characteristics, also known as multilayer film.

Lap Seal
A seal made with two layers of film overlapping one another. Because lap seals require less material than fin seals, packagers are converting to lap seals in the name of sustainability, lean operations and economics.

Laser Scoring
Use of high-energy narrow light beam to partially cut through a material in a straight line or shaped patterns. This process is used to provide an easy-opening feature to various types of flexible packaging materials.

Low density, (0.92-0.934) polyethylene. Used mainly for heat-seal ability and bulk in packaging.

Light Resistance
The ability of material to withstand exposure to light (usually sunlight or the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum) without change of color or loss of physical and/or chemical properties.

Linear low density polyethylene. Tougher than LDPE and has better heat-seal strength, but has higher haze.