Modern Packaging For A Variety Of Commodities Is The Expertise Of Smart Pouches


Modern Packaging For A Variety Of Commodities Is The Expertise Of Smart Pouches

Packaging is an art, as it involves a huge array of types of information and design elements, which most people have never heard of. This is the reason, packaging solely serves as an identification of the product andin terms of a commercial success, packing plays a vital role as it measures the success of a product along with states the quality of what it contains.

Modern Packaging

Modern Packaging design has become one of the crucial things as organization have realized that good packaging equals increased sales. Due to the enormously essential function and wide variety of commodity uses, packaging has been around since the dawn of time and the modernization of pre-made stand-up pouches and retort pouches has been offered to prehistoric man from the end of 1900s.

In the prehistoric times, packing was most commonly used for the food protection and containment. There was a time, when man had to completely rely on huntingas well as gathering and had to devote a lot energy to make sure about the food security. The necessity of food preservation is the reason that why packing has come into existence even the arrival of civilization has led in more cultured forms of packaging.

In the present times, if we consider the present scenario, then today’s modern packaging is a marvel of modern science. The overall packing industry has taken some serious evolutions as far as the freshness, integrity and product quality is concerned. Being an industry leader, we at Smart Pouches, has also taken a thoughtful approach towards preserving the environment as the core priority. We are offering completely modern packaging services to a variety of commodities.

We at Smart Pouches, have categorized ourstand up pouchesinto 10 different types. Let’s have a look and find out, which one is most convenient and suitable for your business needs.

1. Bottom Gusset pouches:

Bottom Gusset Pouches

This is thegeneral and most common form of stand-up pouches. Our valuable clients are most commonly and traditionally using these pouches for coffee and tea industry. You can make use of these pouches in in the food, snack and baked good industries. Smart Pouches’botoomgusset pouches can easily compete with plastic bottles,tin cans, glass jars, and other kinds of traditional packaging methods.

2. Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom standup pouches are also known as square bottom pouches, flat base pouches or box pouches. Due to its look and convenience, these pouchesare so much famous amongst our consumers. While producing these pouches we use our skillful expertise and that helps us to save 15% of the packaging material, thus we also introduce these pouches as environmentally friendly packaging pouches. You can make use of these pouches to pack pet food, organic products, chocolates, powders, spices, muesli, biscuits, tea etc. We can prepare pouches from aluminum foil high barrier laminates and can also help you to personalize flat bottom by printing advanced rotogravure machine with up to 9 different colors.

3. Side Gusset Pouches

Side Gusset Pouches

Side gusset pouches are the latest trend in the packing industry because of its convenient, stylish and durable packaging traits. These pouches are most commonly used for promotional packaging.We are offering side gusset pouches to fill various products like, protein powder, pet food, organic products, tea, coffee, pharmaceutical products. Side gusset pouches made at Smart Pouches are biodegradable pouches as it reflects an environmental friendly approach of doing business.

4. Spouted Pouches

Spouted Pouches

At Smart Pouches, we have successfully helped leading brands to convert their rigid packaging into spouted pouches. Spouted pouches are the most convenient to pour out the liquid easily. Thus, it is most suitable for all the types of liquid packaging. Spouted Pouchesare generally used as juice pouches and it is extremely common to use as ketchup, soap, and shampoo bags. Our spouted Pouches design will for sure make your product attractive as well as eye-catching.

5. Retort pouches

Retort Pouches

Retort pouches have been most effectively used in the replacement of the traditional approach. These pouches are highly attractive to customers because of its food preserving feature. Our retort pouches are easy to transport as well as store. These pouches are the most suitable and convenient for packaging products such as frozen food packaging, organic food packaging, pet food packaging, soup packaging, fresh food produces and much more. Our Retort pouches are completely safe for the direct use of food products.

6. Shaped Pouches

shaped Pouches

Smart Pouches’ shaped pouches are one of our latest along with a creative packaging solution for the food as well as beverage industry. We can produce customized pouches based on your precise specifications. Let me make you familiar with our customized Shaped Pouches, which includes convex shaped pouches, Squeezable pouches shaped with built-in spouts, shaped pouches with rounded corners, hourglass shaped pouch, shaped pouches with ergonomic handles.

7. Pillow pouches

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches are your frequently used potato chip packaging pouches; however, can be used for numbers of other products. Our cost effective as well as convenient forms of flexible packing can be also used to serve potato chips, dried fruit, sweets, bakery products, spice, organic foods, protein products, cereal and many more. At Smart Pouches, all the packaging needs ranging amongst different colors like Blue, White, Black, Green. Along with the different colors our packaging material selection includes, aluminum foil, shiny finish, matt finish, gloss finish and brown paper.

8. Four Side Seal Pouches

four Side Seal Pouches

To differ the packing from the common pouches and make the pouches even more secured our four side seal pouches are the most convenient option to go. We are manufacturing these pouched for the purpose of coffee, tea, fertilizer, chocolate nuts, Protein powder and much more Our four sided sealed pouches can also be availed in the listed material variations like, white paper, brown kraft paper, plastic, polyester film, metallization, BOPA film and many more.

9. Three Side Seal Pouches

Three Side Seal Pouches

Three sided bags are generally used to pack spices and creams. These variant pouches are the most favorable choices of packaging amongst consumers as it is cost effective as well as space efficient. An inclusive metallic layer of these pouches enhances the product shelf life. Our three sided seal bags are convenient for the packaging of products like coffee capsules, pharmaceutical products, sugar, organic products, tea bags, frozen goods, cosmetics, coffee pods and much more.

10. Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches

Our vacuum packaging pouches are one of the most convenient and best flexible packaging pouches for the shelf friendly along with space convenient methods. These pouches are completely new way to safeguard fresh produce against moist and harmful molecules. These pouches are one of the most convenient option to preserve fresh products such as meat packaging, fish packaging, poultry packaging, fruit products, dried fruit packaging, organic food packaging and many others.


Smart Pouches is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of custom-branded stand up pouches. We provide the highest quality packing to keep the stored contents safe as well as fresh for a longer period of time. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in this industry and we make use of cutting-edge technology to help you achieve the best results out of your work.

We are globally known for our highest quality packaging along with the custom branded padded wholesale mailers. We endeavor to leverage the advantages of the marketplace through our innovations and latest technologies and tools.

If you would like to know more about our services or products and want to buy our standup pouch products simply contact us at +44 20 7101 9408 or for more information you can also send us an email and we will get back to you within 12 hours.