An Efficient, Competitive Packaging Solution: To Help You Grow Business, Increase Sales, Reduce Costs And Manage Risk


An Efficient, Competitive Packaging Solution: To Help You Grow Business, Increase Sales, Reduce Costs And Manage Risk

Packaging Solution has been one of the most considerable tools in selling the products for more half of the century. In fact, you might have even purchased a specific product based on packaging alone. Numbers of studies have demonstrated that the attractiveness of a product effectively increases the visibility of the product, make it more scalable and helps in increasing the brand awareness.

Packaging solution is not limited to the pretty face of a product as it conveys the considerable amount of significant information that customers use to determine their purchase. Businesses those are looking to grow a potential customer base and increase sales conversations, for them focus on the packaging is indeed necessary.

People always judge a book by its cover page. So when it comes to your product’s packaging, make sure you’re hitting all the focal points!

There is indeed a story when you easily recognize any particular product. It is a story of increasing innovation as well as its efficiency. As per the latest research of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), an average supermarket in the USA holds more than 30,000+ different items. This 600+ billion industry is heavily dependable on the distributors, manufacturers, graphic designers and obviously on consumers. If you are wondering how? Then, let me explain one of the foculpoint with the listed word.


The first rule to increase your sale is honesty. You will learn to be honest with your customers. Let me explain you with an example.

packaging solution

This product might be good at taste, but the packaging is clearly, misleading. So the product will end up disappointing the consumer. This is the reason, it is indeed required to take into consideration that you are not depicting a product ten times better than it actually is.

There are numbers of factors you will need to take into consideration. If you are wondering, what are those? No need to wonder as I am here to discuss about them in detail. Here we go.

Influencing Factors:Competitive Packaging Solution Really Matters

1) Clarity and simplicity

Next time whenever you go to the supermarket, pick up any random product and ask yourself two simple questions:

• Purpose – What’s this product for?

• Awareness – What’s the brand behind it?

You will be surprised to find the answers of the listed above questions in less than 4 seconds, as it’s a maximum average time period that a consumer takes to identify any product placed on the shelf.

• Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Product packaging is one of the most important tools to make your product a well-known brand. As logo of the product and designing of the package makes it recognizable and help your prospect customers to remember the product. Take into consideration that what your packaging is saying about the product as well as your brand? It would have a more impact if it is conveying a message to your shoppers and consumers.

2) Authenticity

Originality, memorability and character is the heart of great brands and obviously great packaging designs.

There no specification required as there are thousand of products out there and each of them demands consumers’ attention. The only authenticity of your product can set you apart. As authenticity is clearly a matter of creativity and exploration.

• Brand Recognition

Take a moment and think about your favorite brands in each of the categories. Like tooth paste – Colgate, soft drink – Coke, cell phone – iPhone. So did you get my point, what they have in common. They are memorable. All of these products upgraded version have made minor changes and have stay tuned to the original look. Brand recognizable is one of the important aspects as many successful brands have changed their logo, colors or packaging have faced a backlash from shoppers.

3) Extensibility

A product design concept for an easy introduction of new product variation or a sub-brand. For example, you are creating packaging for a new brand of orange juice. You, made your client convinced to go for specific designing featuring oranges that looks really great. But after the success of that product and demand of another juice, your client wants to launch a strawberry flavor juice under the same brand.

Then what will be the scenario?

To the above dismay, your initial design concept was heavily relied on oranges to work and that strawberry will not look nearly as good. To avoid such scenario always consider the design, product packaging in mind.

• Colors Plays A Key Role In Purchase Habits

Product packaging plays a key role in convincing your consumers to help them with buying decision and present your product as a valuable brand. Our brain has a different reaction for the different colours, thus colour of the packaging matters a lot.

For example, a product packaging with a white colour will convey simplicity, safety and purity. Like, a same colourproducts has also two different meanings. A light sky blue is considered as playful, where as dark navy is for more professional products. However, in the worldwide blue is most liked colour, but you should only make a choice targeting your demographic.

4) Practicality

Practicality in terms of the actual size, shape and functionality of the product container, not in terms of label or wrap. More practical means more sales Practicality is overlooked aspect. So next time if get a chance to design the product, make the product easier to use, carry or store.

• Make Sure Your Brand Differentiates From Others

There are hundreds of products that demand customer’s attention. As per the research carried out by Paper worker, one-third of a consumer’s decision is clearly based on the product packaging. To succeed, your product has stood apart from the crowd and look different. Eye catching and highly different is what here I am talking about.

Wrapping Up

Efficient, competitive packaging solution demands numbers of important factors and the list is so long. At last when the product will be launched, your customers will convince by what he/she sees and based on that he/she will make his/her mind to buy the particular product.

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